Website design ‘La Fleur’

The name and company are fictional. This website layout is made for portfolio purposes.

After browsing on, I discovered a lot of gorgeous floral photographs. Inspired by the photography I decided to make a website lay-out for a fictional company that sells floral bouquets by size, small, medium and large. The logo and illustrations are made in Adobe Illustrator, the complete layout is realized in Adobe Photoshop. When hovering over the different size options, the picture will go dark and the button to order will appear. Wanting to go for a clean and simplistic style, I say this layout is a succes. For details on the font, etc. are at the bottom of the post.

For a correct sized image, please click on the image below.

Fonts used:
Comfortaa,14 px
Great Day, 40 px (By Billy Argel, download

All pictures from

Color palette:


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I like birds

I like birds. Great tits especially. I know it sounds weird in English, but in Dutch they are called ‘Koolmeesjes’. I have always loved this bird since I was a little kid. They always stood out from the other birds, they made me smile and just happy. So I decided a couple of years ago I needed a tattoo of one. And I’m still super happy I got one! Before I got one I looked up what the represented and I found this: Truth, reality, acrobatics, cheerful, sunny and carefree. A lot of things I value a lot and some I wish I was (carefree).

I listened to Eels’ ‘I like birds’ a few days ago, that I used to listen to all the time, every day, and again, remember from our holidays with the fam. And it made me so happy again, I just had to dance to it. It’s spring, it’s sunny out (some days), the birds are singing and nature is beautiful. So once in a while, turn up the volume and dance, dance like no one is watching.

If you’re small and on a search
I’ve got a feeder for you to perch on

I like birds

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