Forest Fires

Last Saturday me and my friend Amy went to the ‘Nordic Delight Festival’ in Amsterdam. The reason I wanted to go there was because ‘Axel Flovent’ was one of the performers that night. His music helped me through some panic attacks and helped me go to sleep at night (I don’t sleep with my phone near my bed anymore, so I can’t listen to music at night). I came across his song ‘Forest Fires’ on the YouTube channel, ‘wavering noise’. It has been one of my favorite songs ever since.

Amy was wearing this adorable denim dungarees with a checkered blouse and I loved it so much my outfit is inspired by hers. We had a lot of fun, heard some really good new music and saw some weird movies that night. And I want to thank her for being so amazing.

I can’t change your thoughts, my dear
I can’t change your fears
But if you want I’ll travel near
To make it disappear

Your dreams are incredibly loud tonight
You’re creating forest fires
You can’t even change your sight
It’s stuck in you like a virus

Forest Fires

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