Drama queen world

I wanted to start making daily outfit posts, not in the outdoors, where I’m dependent on friends to make my photo’s, but safe inside my home. Where I can just set up my camera, learn how to pose and get into the habit of daily ‘outfit of the day’ posts. Ever since I’m unemployed I got into a downwards spiral with being creative. I played the new Zelda for hours (thanks for getting me hooked Amy!), watched TV and some days I got to go out with my boyfriend or friends. But since my boyfriend has a new job, and I’m home alone with banjo until he comes home, I’m trying to work as hard as if I were when I have a job. Up until now I only get declines on my job applications, because I haven’t got years of experience. So to show them I’ve got the skills, I’ve decided to redesign my entire blog. What’s the best way to show your web programming and design skills, then by sending a portfolio site made entirely by myself! Unfortunately I’ve kinda got a creativity block. It feels like I need to push myself to create original ideas. If anyone has the same problem from time to time where creativity just doesn’t seem to be anywhere, let me know.

drama queen world

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