The light between oceans

Sometimes you find a story that moves you in such a way that you never knew was possible.

The song that stuck in my head, and is my most listened when I read this book, is Sufjan Steven’s ‘For the widows in Paradise, for the fatherless in Ypsilanti’. This song feels like it fits right into the time period this story takes place, after the first World War. When the soldiers that had survived went home and had to live with the nightmares and bad dreams for the rest of their lives. Please give it a listen while you read the rest of this post. I have no rights of the song, all rights go to Sufjan Stevens.

the light between oceans

A friend of mine made me come out to the premiere of this new film, ‘The light between oceans’. She told me some details of the story, a husband and wife live on an island, find a baby washed onto shore and raise it as their own. I didn’t mind tagging along and off we went. I went into the theater with no expectations, and went out almost bawling my eyes out. I’m a emotional person and am not ashamed to shed a tear when at the movies or on my couch at home. I think it’s a beautiful thing to just cry at sad movies.

The story starts with a man, Tom Sherborne, who came of the battlefield traumatized, after the first World War. Unable to adapt to ‘normal life’, he needed a place to be alone and worn away the grief and trauma of the war. He saw the opportunity to go out to Janus Rock, a small island near the coast of West-Australia, to be the light housekeeper. There he falls for a local girl, Isabel Graysmark. They get married and she moves with him to Janus. While trying to keep the lighthouse going, Isabel suffered three miscarriages. Filled with grief and suffering they one day hear a baby’s cry. Confused and with disbelieve, they find a row boat that carries a man and a baby. The man had passed away, but the baby was still alive, screaming for food and warmth. Isabel begs Tom to keep the child, the village knew she was with child, no one knew she had a miscarriage yet again, they would never suspect a think. Against Tom’s duty as a lighthouse keeper to report everything in the log he went along with Isabel her plan to keep her one more day. One more day became years and they couldn’t go back. The town believed little Lucy was theirs and they held up the charade. Until they meet the real mother of Lucy. She’s lost her husband and baby at sea, years later she’s still hoping for a miracle to get both back home. Tom’s conscience takes over and sends the mother a small note that her daughter is safe and well cared for, but her husband is no more. After that, all of their lives change and it becomes a huge web of guilt, lies and loss.

“I did everything for you”

My outfit is based on my feeling of the story, a representation I have of Isabel. I wanted to show the softness she had when she just moved to Janus. Before everything turned her world upside down.

the light between oceans

the light between oceans

the light between oceans

the light between oceans
Dress: Braintree
Collared shirt: H&M
Necklace: Marzia box
Purple ‘dust’: Bath salt from a Marzia box
Headband: H&M
Knee-highs: H&M
Shoes: Bershka

My pictures aren’t the best, my Photoshop skills aren’t great, I don’t like my face in every single photo or the way my body looks, but I’m learning. I have a lot of acne scars, a lot of scars on my arms (thanks to the cat), but that’s okay. Even if I have a round nose, acne scars and no size zero, I still hope you like to read the story behind my outfits and learn about the songs and books I love.

All pictures by the beautiful Agnes.

What is your favorite book at the moment?

Love, Marloes



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